Three Steps To Heal The Inner Divide

“Kindness begins at home.” – Rick Hanson, PhD, psychologist, JOT (Just One Thing)

She was beautiful. Her smile was warm and kind and she moved like a gazelle. After two decades as a runner, she was lean and light, seemingly always to be on the move, fresh from a shower and smartly dressed. By all outward appearances, she had it all. Yet, here she was, deeply unsettled and seeking support. You see, she was at war. Inside her most-beautiful self, a punishing unkindness was sapping her of joy and impacting her biology.

For years she ran and raced and won. One entire closet was filled with trophies and ribbons, abundant evidence of her skill and speed. Her body performed amazing feats as she propelled herself like a mythical winged creature. For her, however, it was never enough. She was always reaching but never clasping. Despite the many trophies and the runner’s high, she finished each run certain that she had somehow missed the mark. Recently she had begun to feel deeply unsettled, unable to find peace or experience joy. She felt divided inside, at war with herself.  Together we set out to heal the inner divide.

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Five Steps to a Healthy Mind-Body Relationship

‘Become fluent in your body’s language. Listen and learn to discern the subtleties of its tone and the meaning of its phrases. If you must speak, speak kindly or speak not at all. Let your conversation be that of a close friend – intimate, honest, encouraging and playful. But listen more than talk, observe and know. ‘ – Yoga Expression Spirit – Tools for Authentic Living.

In my last post, Yoga: Listening Deeply and Responding Kindly, I wrote about the pressing need for reconnecting with the body and aligning our mental activities with our physical being. As an anecdote to the wildly destructive ‘gerbil-on-a-wheel’ mental chatter, yoga breathing and postures, called asanas, can be powerful and readily accessible tools for quieting both body and mind, bringing them together in this moment for a collaborative relationship. Continue reading “Five Steps to a Healthy Mind-Body Relationship”

Yoga: Listening Deeply and Responding Kindly

My dogs are barking.

My back is singing.

My belly is grumbling.

The body is always talking, rarely at a loss for something to say.  Even the language we use to describe our physical sensations are verbal in nature. We have an innate understanding that the body is communicating all the time. And the body, like a child, is always trying to get our attention. It sends signals, both subtle and loud, whether we are awake or asleep, in an attempt to tell us about our well-being. Continue reading “Yoga: Listening Deeply and Responding Kindly”

Y is for Yoga

The YES wheel - Yoga

Confession: I am not a yoga purest. I love yoga and am a certified Yoga Teacher but you will surely never, ever see me on the cover of Yoga Journal. I do not aspire to Crow (Bakasana) or Wheel (Urdhva Dhanurasan).

It is doubtful I will ever perfect my Boat pose (Navasana) as only one set of toes barely leave the ground. I sometimes grunt impressively during Chaturanga Dandasana. And that, my friends, is totally cool with me. Continue reading “Y is for Yoga”

YES – The Pieces

“Just who on earth do you think you are, little miss-know-it-all?!” barked my harsh, deeply unkind, inner critic.

“Yoga  Expression  Spirit, my foot!  What are you THINKING, taking on not just one but THREE broad and grand topics?!  Don’t you know you can fill a library (or two or three or more) with all the books and wisdom on any one of these mammoth subjects? What on earth do YOU think you can possibly add?” Continue reading “YES – The Pieces”