‘Keep choosing your Dream. Every day. Every time. Choose your Dream or Choose your Fears. Not to choose is to choose your Fear.’ – Journal entry December 2016

Choosing your Dream is not a one-time deal. Nope, it requires choosing again and again and again. Every time things get tough, every time the path is unclear, every time you feel afraid, every time you hear ‘no’, every time it looks impossible. Choose your Dream. Then choose again. Your persistent choosing nurtures your dream and keeps it alive. It may also shine a light on the next step.

And remember, to not actively choose it to make a choice too.

Today I choose my dreams. You too?






Your authentic life awaits….


Yoga Expression Spirit – Tools for Authentic Living

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Your authentic life awaits….


Returning to my Best Self

As I rolled up to the stop light, she looked me right in the eye. This was the moment, the choice was mine.

Six hours earlier I selected the largest of the three Honeycrisp apples lined up in a row in the refrigerator. They were like autumn gold and cost a pretty penny. I pressed it to my nose and delighted in the aroma, my mouth watering as I anticipated my favorite Fall flavor. I washed it, polished it and set it in my bag for the return trip later in the afternoon, a favorite traveling snack and I could already taste it. Anticipating the juiciness, I grabbed an extra napkin. Packed for the trip, I set out for the day.

The hour-long drive through the countryside past still blue lakes and through rolling farmland only partly soothed my inner being. It took effort to see the beauty and allow my normal sense of wonder to bubble up. No bubbles today, just heaviness.

“I’ve got to find my way back to my best self,” I said Continue reading “Returning to my Best Self”

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Yoga Expression Spirit – Tools for Authentic Living by Elizabeth Cabalka.

“Elizabeth Cabalka has created a process so needed in these distracted and fractured times. These words offer wholeness and healing and a sense of a companion for the ups and downs of life’s journey.”

– Sally Howell Johnson, author of The Practicing Life: Simple Acts, Sacred Living, and Barefoot Zone: Walking the Sacred Path

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Inhale. Ask. Exhale. Allow.

Does this sound familiar?

“It feels so big, this idea that calls to me. Enormous really and, at times, utterly overwhelming. It needs me so, and I need it. But the risks, oh the risks, take my breath away. I don’t know if I can do this and yet I simply must, trying to hold lightly to this something in me.”

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The Three Gifts of Asking

They are especially beautiful this time of year, the two tall apple trees. Healthy, mature and overflowing with fruit. For the past several years I have biked past these trees watching the branches move from an explosion of spring blossoms to a lattice suspending ripe bright crimson globes. The passage of the seasons is beautifully expressed in these two trees.

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Life Making in Five Steps – The Art of Authentic Living

“The only thing more important than your to-do list is your to-be list. The only thing more important than your to-be list is to be.”  – Alan Cohen

I am a List Marker.

In fact, I am list marker descended from gifted Palmer-script list makers. I become bereft and a bit directionless without a list. Truth be told, I have been known to create lists of things I already did, just for the satisfaction of crossing them off. Lists order my days, my life, my dreams. I also love schedules. Oh, a good schedule supported by a list makes me nearly tingly. Even un-listy things make the list and the schedule, such as meditation and the daily walk. By, hey, whatever works, right?

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