Ebb and Flow

“As steady as the tides, life constantly uncovers the treasures hidden within us.” ~UNKNOWN

I’ve been away from this space for a bit. Ebb and flow is the stuff of life, eh? After Yoga Expression Spirit was released, life got… interesting. Mightily so and in a very good way.  Therefore, I gave myself permission to take a breath, to unplug and to allow words and ideas to percolate.  It was time.  It was important.  It was an act of self-care.

Other than the periodic rise and fall of an old inner voice that incessantly whispers ‘go now and do more,’ it has been really swell. The space and time away served me well but I’ve missed you. So here I am, back with a hug and hot cup of tea for us both.

Much has transpired and the ideas have been flowing. I look forward to resuming our conversation soon. Thank you for being patient.

Until next time,

~ E

Yoga Expression Spirit – Tools for Authentic Living by Elizabeth Cabalka is available on Amazon in print and for Kindle.