A Two Way Street


I’ve been rolling around in gratitude quite a bit recently. Certainly Thanksgiving helped pump up the volume on the outward expressions of gratitude even though I try to live with gratitude as a close companion throughout the year. Spending time gathered with family last weekend for the purpose of giving thanks was a lovely break from rancor, discord and loud clanging voices. I witnessed unexpected simple and profound healing kindnesses born of gratitude and the warmth buoyed me from gathering to gathering, still lingering with me now.

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Your authentic life awaits….


Yoga Expression Spirit – Tools for Authentic Living

Discover a process for de-stressing, quieting your mind and doing what you love. Through Elizabeth’s writing discover a simple process to reclaim your authentic self and a companion for your journey.

A limited number of signed first editions available on Amazon 11/22/2016.

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Your authentic life awaits….


Returning to my Best Self

As I rolled up to the stop light, she looked me right in the eye. This was the moment, the choice was mine.

Six hours earlier I selected the largest of the three Honeycrisp apples lined up in a row in the refrigerator. They were like autumn gold and cost a pretty penny. I pressed it to my nose and delighted in the aroma, my mouth watering as I anticipated my favorite Fall flavor. I washed it, polished it and set it in my bag for the return trip later in the afternoon, a favorite traveling snack and I could already taste it. Anticipating the juiciness, I grabbed an extra napkin. Packed for the trip, I set out for the day.

The hour-long drive through the countryside past still blue lakes and through rolling farmland only partly soothed my inner being. It took effort to see the beauty and allow my normal sense of wonder to bubble up. No bubbles today, just heaviness.

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Two More Weeks

Two More Weeks

“Elizabeth Cabalka with Yoga Expression Spirit – Tools for Authentic Living gives us a new kind of toolkit, simple, refined, effective. Part memoir and reading like a novel, her book illuminates the way to discover your deep longing.”  – Marcia Appel, Green Lotus founder and teacher, author, and former corporate executive

The countdown is on! Two weeks until Yoga Expression Spirit – Tools for Authentic Living makes its debut. I am so excited to send it out into the world. More than anything, I am wildly curious to see what you will do with this little book. You see, I learned a long time ago that the moment something I make leaves my hands, what happens thereafter is no longer my concern. When you pick up the book, you are simply holding up a mirror and what you see or feel is yours alone. I confess however that I am both honored to hold the mirror and crazy-curious to know what you see.

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Four Ways to Cope in the In-Between Times

Four Ways to Cope in the In-Between Times

Life is always lived between then and soon, right here and now, in the beautiful not yet. – Carrie Newcomer

Not quiet winter. No longer autumn. Not yet.

This is my first November in Minnesota in twelve years. I am finding the changes so interesting. The changes of the light, the changes in my daily pace, the changes seen and unseen.  Yes, this is all novel today and I may not be quite as intrigued in January but for now I find this fascinating. There is a deep sense of not yet, of restlessness, of waiting, of becoming. This in-between feels awkward at times and I find myself impatient. The grass is still green yet the garden has been put to bed for the season. Not yet. A seasonal pause.

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