Change Your Mind: How Meditation Strengthens the Brain

Then again, … 

On the other hand, …

On second thought, …

Hang on a minute, …

I confess, I have changed my mind about various things throughout the years. Some minor changes and some pretty big. New information and new perspectives often shine a light on a situation and – voila – I see it differently and change my mind.

That is certainly not uncommon. But what if you could do more than simply change your point of view?  What if you could consciously change your brain, in fact strengthening it to make it work better? Continue reading “Change Your Mind: How Meditation Strengthens the Brain”


Inhale. Ask. Exhale. Allow.

Does this sound familiar?

“It feels so big, this idea that calls to me. Enormous really and, at times, utterly overwhelming. It needs me so, and I need it. But the risks, oh the risks, take my breath away. I don’t know if I can do this and yet I simply must, trying to hold lightly to this something in me.”

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The Three Gifts of Asking

They are especially beautiful this time of year, the two tall apple trees. Healthy, mature and overflowing with fruit. For the past several years I have biked past these trees watching the branches move from an explosion of spring blossoms to a lattice suspending ripe bright crimson globes. The passage of the seasons is beautifully expressed in these two trees.

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Out of Your Head and Into Your Life – 10 Tips for Living in the Moment

‘At what cost do you ignore this present moment? The cost is incalculable as you pay for your distractions with your very life.’

For many of us, today marks a change. Schedules change and the pace of our days quickens. The feeling in the air and the quality of daylight signal approaching autumn. The darkness arrives early and lingers a bit longer. In the midst of all this change, it is easy to lose yourself. In that spirit, I offer you ten suggestions for remaining present in your life. Continue reading “Out of Your Head and Into Your Life – 10 Tips for Living in the Moment”