(After spending hours in the garden last weekend, I am reposting this essay from last spring. Happy planting!)

“An infinity of forests lie dormant in the dreams of an acorn.” Dr. Wayne Dyer

I recently awoke to a great bit of clarity.

For the last eight years, I have had a dream – a goal. I have never wavered in my desire but it has never been clear how and when this dream would come together.

I recently realized that the answer I have been so impatiently and laboriously seeking – the key to unlock that realization of that dream – is simply not yet ready to manifest! It is not yet fully formed. To be sure, it is coming, being shaped now in that cosmic goo of all-possibility. My job is to be patient, to wait, to calmly remain certain of its arrival and to trust I will recognize it when it shows up!

Several years ago, one of my mentors taught me about Law of Gestation, one of the many universal laws, like gravity. He described the Law of Gestation in this way:

Everything begins as a seed. Some are physical seeds, like a carrot seed, an apple seed or a baby seed. Some seeds are non-physical, like the seed of an idea.

All these seeds have their own gestation period, their own time in which they are formed. Asking for an idea to manifest before its time is like the father-to-be asking his 4-month pregnant wife, “So, where’s the baby already?!”

The problem is that most people don’t know how to plant one idea, tend it lovingly, hold the vision of what it can become, while also allowing it to be formed in partnership with the wildly creative universe.

Most people just plant and plant and plant. They plant, however, different seeds every day. Then, impatient and disillusioned, they walk away from the field seeking a new field in which to plant more seeds.

One day they loudly and resolutely proclaim, “Oak Tree!” The next day, they shout ‘Turnip!’ And the next, a rousing ‘Apple Tree!’ What they don’t know is that the moment they proclaim, ‘Oak Tree!’, their acorn-looking seed of an idea is planted in the rich soil of possibility. If the conditions are right, so much starts to happen immediately, just below the surface. By the time the first itty-bitty shoot breaks through the soil, the pulse of that beautiful idea — ‘Oak Tree!’ — is drawing to it all manner of matter to make it so. Most simply don’t wait for the harvest.

At the same time, some people spend all their waking energy tending the seeds of precisely what they do NOT want. All focus and energy is directed to the worst case scenario, toward what they fear or hate. This also plants seeds, my friends, seeds that are all too often rigorously tended. Sadly, these are the folks that are consistently and wildly (yet unknowingly) successful, living with the harvest.

So, in my meditation this evening I was reminded of the holiness of waiting for the beautiful all-possibleness. The holiness of trusting. The holiness of actually delighting in anticipation of the arrival of the fully matured seed that is forming at this very moment.

Oh, and that dream that I’ve tended for eight long years? It showed up last week, fully formed. The pathway is now clear and all is ready. It arrived right on time, I guess, more magnificent that I could have ever imagined.

Happy planting!



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