“There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.”  – Dorothy Gale, The Wizard of Oz

After 47,250 miles, I have made my way home.

For many years now, my husband and I have divided our time between Minnesota and Arizona. We have made two beautiful, full lives. Our two lives are so distinct, each textured, full and rich but very different from each other. We have marked the passage of time not by the calendar but by events here and by events there, as well as our seasonal commute.

It all began with a five state book tour in 2003 after Wednesdays at the Fluff ‘n’ Fold was first published. Since then, we have traversed the country twenty-seven times, a Powell and Hyde spinning cable car of sorts, albeit more fluid in the route but just as ‘A to B and back’ with equally purposeful pirouettes on each end. Continue reading “Home”



(After spending hours in the garden last weekend, I am reposting this essay from last spring. Happy planting!)

“An infinity of forests lie dormant in the dreams of an acorn.” Dr. Wayne Dyer

I recently awoke to a great bit of clarity.

For the last eight years, I have had a dream – a goal. I have never wavered in my desire but it has never been clear how and when this dream would come together.

I recently realized that the answer I have been so impatiently and laboriously seeking – the key to unlock that realization of that dream – is simply not yet ready to manifest! It is not yet fully formed. To be sure, it is coming, being shaped now in that cosmic goo of all-possibility. My job is to be patient, to wait, to calmly remain certain of its arrival and to trust I will recognize it when it shows up! Continue reading “Seeds”

Inside Out

“That’s okay, honey. You’re just not all that creative.”

I was ten years old. It was Saturday afternoon and I was one of five students in a crochet class at Stitchville USA. As I jammed my incomprehensible pile of knots into my jacket pocket along with all my frustrations, I also unknowingly closed the door on an understanding of myself.  I believed the teacher’s  words, I was not creative. The evidence was in a tangled mess in my pocket. Surely she knew creative from not. Apparently I was not.

Honestly, I am not sure what she actually said that day. Simply  a poorly-executed-but-well-intended attempt to provide comfort and ease my frustration I suspect. The hard, knotty evidence in my pocket, however, paired with her few words shaped what I decided about myself and what I continued to believe for another twenty years.

Continue reading “Inside Out”

Y is for Yoga

The YES wheel - Yoga

Confession: I am not a yoga purest. I love yoga and am a certified Yoga Teacher but you will surely never, ever see me on the cover of Yoga Journal. I do not aspire to Crow (Bakasana) or Wheel (Urdhva Dhanurasan).

It is doubtful I will ever perfect my Boat pose (Navasana) as only one set of toes barely leave the ground. I sometimes grunt impressively during Chaturanga Dandasana. And that, my friends, is totally cool with me. Continue reading “Y is for Yoga”