The Cost

When the turbulence of our mental busyness subsides and our mind becomes still, a deep happiness naturally arises within.(1)

The evening was perfect. I put on my hiking shoes and the dog danced eagerly as I fastened her collar. We headed out for our evening walk to enjoy what promised to be a glorious sunset. Continue reading “The Cost”


LOL (Not!)

LOL (Not!)

‘LOL’, a friend texted as we sipped our coffee.

I watched as his fingers automatically shared a message of joy and mirth when in reality he was grimacing with both mental and physical pain. My friend was clearly not Laughing Out Loud, despite the little cha-cha of his fingers on his phone.

I gently pointed out this discrepancy and he was somewhat taken aback. He showed me the adorable photo he received from a friend. The baby was dressed in a funny outfit which was certainly grin-worthy, but why the LOL when it did not reflect his real response and his actual state of being? Continue reading “LOL (Not!)”

YES – The Pieces

“Just who on earth do you think you are, little miss-know-it-all?!” barked my harsh, deeply unkind, inner critic.

“Yoga  Expression  Spirit, my foot!  What are you THINKING, taking on not just one but THREE broad and grand topics?!  Don’t you know you can fill a library (or two or three or more) with all the books and wisdom on any one of these mammoth subjects? What on earth do YOU think you can possibly add?” Continue reading “YES – The Pieces”

Why YES?

Calm. Focus. Attention. Listening. Self-awareness.

I am concerned that these skills are falling away just when they are needed most desperately. So, the question that naturally follows is where do we learn the vanishing art of simply being present?

Let’s look the realities of the word in which we live.

It is a nearly a radical act of civil disobedience these days to ‘power down’ and unplug for a time period each day. Distraction is rampant. Digital overload is epidemic. People are disconnected from their body, from their breath and from their own unique creative energy. How odd that all this connection causes so much disconnection. Continue reading “Why YES?”