The Puzzle

“So, what’s it like to write a book?”

Oh, I do love that question. I imagine it is a bit different (or perhaps wildly different) from writer to writer. Now that I am working on my third book, I have found that my process is akin to working on a 10,000 piece puzzle without benefit of the guiding image on the lid of the box.

Last February, in a funk, I recognized that the large and cumbersome package filled with my burdens and many questions, which I had begrudgingly lugged around for years, was actually a cleverly wrapped gift. When I awoke to this fact, I paused to inspect the wrapping which was torn to reveal a simply adorned box. Casting aside the wrapping, I clearly saw the cover on which my highest self long ago scribbled in crayon, ‘Open Me NOW! It’s time, Elizabeth.’  (With colorful smiley faces in the O’s.) Continue reading “The Puzzle”



“If something doesn’t change, I am going to have a heart attack.”

The third time I repeated those words, alarm bells went off. I couldn’t allow myself to repeat this insight. I needed to do something NOW. Continue reading “YES”